Why Us – Overview

  • Consistently driving growth is hard. Very few businesses can sustain it. Every flawed attempt wastes time and money, and hurts the company’s reputation and employees’ morale.
  • We offer a better way to drive growth, different from what most companies are doing, yet grounded in marketing fundamentals, and proven to be highly effective.
  • We obtain different information from our clients’ customers in a form that is ideal for establishing a competitive advantage, and driving innovation and growth.


Typical Results

NetJets, private jet fractional ownership and rental

Designed and executed a project to discover actionable opportunities in a potential new market. Developed a special recruiting plan that gained access to their hard-to-reach target customers, C-level executives who fly private jets for business. Provided findings that enabled the client team to formulate a new service offering.

General Motors Company

Trained and mentored an in-house team in the capture and analysis of customer needs to guide GM in the development of new “infotainment” technology. This project led to breakthrough innovation that is now standard in GMC vehicles.

Herman Miller, furniture manufacturer

Designed and executed a project to discover the best opportunities for growth in one of their healthcare markets. Captured relevant customer insights, oversaw quantitative analysis, and led cross-functional design teams to select the most attractive opportunities to pursue.


What Clients Say

Urko did an excellent job…and the themes that emerged enabled us to formulate a new service offering that had been a gap in our portfolio.  We’re excited to see this come to market.”

– Jeff Baker, Head of Market Research and New Product Development, NetJets

Urko exceeded our expectations and we enjoyed working with him immensely. We are very excited about the results and we have high hopes that they will play an important role in helping us make vehicles that customers want to buy.”

– William J. Rosen, Technical Director, General Motors

Urko is a skilled strategist, tactician, and implementer. At every step of the process he provides the details that create a high level of confidence in the value of the final deliverables.”

– Jim Long, Director, Herman Miller

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Some of Our Clients

Becton Dickinson
Elcam Medical
Edison Welding Institute

GBQ Partners
General Motors
Herman Miller
Ingersoll Rand

National Fire Protection Assn
Parker Hannifin
Reynolds & Reynolds
RJ Reynolds


Our Guarantee

We will reveal the best opportunities for innovation and revenue growth in your market, guaranteed, so you know where to focus and what to do to create new offerings that matter, and messaging and positioning that connects.

Most companies don’t lack creativity; they lack focus. They lack clarity about where the market is under-served and where the best opportunities lie. That’s what we provide. We help clients avoid wasting time and resources on the development of offerings that customers do not want and thereby increase success rates 2 – 5 times.

We also guarantee the quality of our work. If we do not meet the mutually agreed upon objectives within the time frames specified, we will continue to work on the project at no additional fee until they are met. If we are unable to meet them within a reasonable time after that determination, we will, at the client’s option, either waive the fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflects the client’s level of satisfaction.