We provide a better way to drive innovation and growth. We bring thought leadership in the ‘jobs-to-be-done’ innovation approach and special skills to reveal the best opportunities for innovation and growth in any given client market, guaranteed. Then we help clients capitalize on those opportunities by applying their expertise to the issues they now know their customers care about most.

We help clients consistently deliver new and improved offerings, experiences customers love, more effective sales, marketing and positioning that connects, and a culture of innovation that is truly customer-centric. The key is to first discover how your target customers define and measure value.

By debunking the misbeliefs that are causing high failure rates, and clarifying what every company must know and do to be successful at innovation, our clients achieve success rates 2-3 times higher than average. Our approach is simple, flexible, and proven.


Founder’s Story: Whoever Understands the ‘Job’ that Customers Want to get Done Best, Wins

In 1998, I accepted a position as a principal consultant with a strategy firm. For the next few years, a big part of my work entailed interviewing our corporate clients’ customers using the Voice of the Customer (VoC) research approach to find opportunities to improve the client’s services and operations. VoC is a well-known market research method for capturing customer needs to guide product development.

But as global competition increased, the need for innovation, as opposed to product improvements, increased as well. In response to this, I did my best to adapt VoC methods to capture customer needs to guide innovation, but with only mixed results.

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To help clients consistently drive innovation and growth by delivering superior value to customers.


To provide thought leadership and services that usher in a new era in which organizations consistently drive innovation and growth by delivering superior value to their customers.


We value candid, high trust, peer level relationships with our clients. We strive to be authentic, bold, practical, and deliver results that have impact. 


Our Team

Urquhart (Urko) Wood

Founder & President

Urko founded Reveal in 2012 to help clients create unique value for their customers and drive revenue growth. He helps companies differentiate, innovate and grow using the jobs-to-be-done innovation approach to deliver success rates 2-3X higher than average. He helps clients’ create a tight fit between what their customers want and what their companies deliver.

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Neil Collins


Neil is a strategic business leader with a record of building strong brands, delivering superior value to customers, and accelerating revenue growth profitably. Neil and Urko have collaborated professionally for more than five years and Neil regularly assists Urko on important projects.

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Dale A. Rhoda

Strategic Partner/Consultant

As the founder and president of Biostat Global Consulting, Dale is our strategic partner, consultant and go-to person for all of Reveal’s quantitative surveys, statistical analysis and market segmentation. He has 30 years of professional research experience consulting on research design, analyzing complex datasets, and communicating results clearly.

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