What We Do – Overview

Wouldn’t it be tremendous if there were a predictable way to drive growth?

Actually, there is. That’s what we do.

We reveal the best opportunities for growth in any given market, guaranteed, and then help clients capitalize on them by creating new and improved offerings that matter and branding that connects. Urko is a leading authority on the “jobs-to-be-done” innovation approach that dramatically increases innovation and new product development success rates.

Study after study has shown that the key to innovation and growth is having a solid understanding of customers’ unmet needs. Yet many leaders struggle with how to do this and are handicapped by the misbelief that “customers cannot tell us what they want.” We have proven again and again that customers can tell us what they want if we focus on what they want to accomplish rather than product or service specifications.

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Customers can tell us what they want – if we know what questions to ask.


Dramatically Increase Innovation Success Rates

Today’s most widely adopted innovation processes – Agile, Design Thinking and Lean Startup – have brought rigor and process to innovation. Yet confusion about how to uncover opportunities before prototyping has remained. We know how to reveal the best opportunities in any given market, dramatically increase success rates, increase the likelihood of breakthrough innovation and growth, and quicken the time to market.

We know how to find target customers’ most important unsatisfied needs. (See the above video How We Reveal Opportunities for Growth). The customer needs that we obtain for our corporate clients are…

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Create New and Improved Offerings

Like many things in life, creating new and improved offerings that are highly valuable to customers is not hard when you know what to do and how to do it. Most companies are confused about what a customer need really is and how to execute innovation as a business process. False beliefs such as “Customers cannot tell us what they want,” and “Innovation is inherently risky” are very common, and wrong. When it comes to creating new and improved offerings – be it products, services, or technology – the key to success is to first discover your target customers’ unmet needs and prioritize them in manner that you can use to guide development. We’ll show you how.


Acquire More Clients – for professional services firms

All of us have had the bad experience of being manipulated into buying something that was not in our best interest. This type of selling behavior is particularly egregious for professional service providers because it is the antithesis of being a “trusted advisor.”

Not surprisingly, a high percentage of professional service providers – Attorneys, Accountants, Architects, Consultants, and Engineers – don’t like selling. Yet, these same people like using their expertise to improve their client’s condition. Evidently, they see “sales” as something dirty that is distinctly different from helping people. For many people the term “sales” is irredeemably tainted as a necessary evil that people with questionable ethics do. For this reason, professional service firms should retire the term “sales.” It’s too loaded with “pushing” and “self-interest” for many prospective buyers – and the professionals themselves – so why use it?

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Deliver Experiences That Customers Love

The secret to success in many markets today is not only to provide an excellent product or service, but to deliver it in a manner that customers love. The key is to anticipate and proactively address customers’ needs throughout their journey obtaining or consuming your offering.

Most companies don’t have a comprehensive or accurate understanding about what customers want throughout their journey, or where the company is falling short. We capture the right customer inputs throughout their journey and prioritize them with statistical validity so you know exactly where to focus and what to do to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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Establish Competitive Advantage

One highly effective way to drive growth is to make sure all your employees know your competitive advantage and regularly tell people about it. But whatever you say better be true from the customers’ point of view, or it will backfire. If you don’t have a competitive advantage, or don’t know what it is, create one! We will show you how based on what your target customers value most.

Most companies conduct competitive analysis by comparing their product and service features with those of their top competitors. The problem with this approach is that, unless you get the customers satisfaction ratings on those features, you may be dangerously off in your assessment.

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Lead Digital Disruption

Are you “catching the wave” of digital disruption or is it threatening to wipe you out? The good news is, there are strategic moves you can make to master new technologies, lead digital disruption, increase the value delivered to customers, and improve operations. We help clients get ahead of the massive changes going on by pin-pointing what really matters to customers and thereby provide focus.

Technology is just a tool to help get specific tasks done better or more tasks done. The key to success when developing a new technology (or any solution) is to first understand what tasks your target customers are trying to get done, how they measure success, and where they are struggling given current products and services. This information is your product blueprint.

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